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Other Yiddish keyboards

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Several of my Yiddish classmates found the Yiddish keyboard offered by Lexilogos helpful.  Essentially, the Yiddish alef-beys is laid out on the screen and you click on a letter to type it.  Once you’re done, you can copy and paste what you’ve typed into a document or website.  There’s also a link on the page to Lexilogos’s Yiddish dictionary.  Here is the site:


If you know of other Yiddish keyboard websites or programs that haven’t been mentioned, please share them in this thread.


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Nov 2013
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A Yiddish spellchecker for Open Office or Libre Office is helpful. Like that one:


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Feb 2014
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The Apple version of Word has a Hebrew QWERTY keyboard which is easy to use/learn to use, and can be used for Yiddish. 

Moyshe Lezer

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Nov 2014
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Once you have installed Shretl you just type the Roman letter that sounds like the Yiddish letter you want, eg. 'p' for a pey.  Some otherwise unused keys are specifically dedicated - e.g, 'x' to tsadik and 'w' to shin.  Hold the shift button down as you type the Roman letter, if you want a final form Yiddish letter.  Typing a 'y' gives you pasekh tsey yudn.  Hold the left alt button down and press shift to toggle between the Roman and the Yiddish alphabets.  It's a mekhayeh!