Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Taytsh.org is a project of The Yiddish Book Center designed to facilitate Yiddish literary translation through online collaboration and discussion.  In order to participate and register your account you must agree to the Terms & Conditions below.


Standards of Conduct

To maintain a productive and respectful community, registered users on Taytsh.org will not use offensive language, post inappropriate links, or engage in disruptive behavior on any area of the site. You must be civil and polite in your interactions with others on the site and make contributions aimed at furthering the site’s mission.

Certain activities may be harmful to other users and violate our rules, and may result in account suspension or termination and may also subject you to liability.  These activities may include, but are not limited to: harassment and abuse of other users; violating the privacy of others; engaging in fraud, impersonation, or other acts of misrepresentation; committing infringement of copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights; misusing the site by posting viruses, malware, malicious code, or other devices to harm the site’s technical infrastructure, system, or its users in any way; misusing the site in a way inconsistent with applicable laws or for other illegal purposes.  The Yiddish Book Center reserves the right to temporarily block, to remove, or to take any other necessary disciplinary and/or legal action against users who violate any part of the Terms & Conditions.  The Yiddish Book Center determines the definitions of the above Standards of Conduct.


Intellectual Property

In agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge that all postings on Taytsh.org, including, but not limited to those translations-in-progress posted to the Workshop area, are open to comment, annotation, and criticism by other registered users.  To protect the work of authors and translators and users of the site, the Workshop area itself is visible only to registered users. 


In agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you hereby represent and warrant that all translations, definitions, comments or other material posted to the site are original and are not copied or adapted from any other source. You further represent and warrant that you are the author of any translation(s) that you post and that there is no one else who has claims to the translation(s) and that this work is not derivative of another’s translation(s) of the same work(s) and do not infringe the rights of any other person. You agree to hold the Yiddish Book Center harmless from any costs or expenses (including legal fees) arising from any breach of the foregoing representations and warranties.


You grant the Center the right to highlight, publish, or otherwise draw attention to any posting made on Taytsh.org on the site homepage, on the Center site yiddishbookcenter.org, or in any of the Center’s print or digital publications.  However, such highlighting or posting in no way guarantees or implies that the Yiddish Book Center will publish any part of a given work in any of its print or digital publications.


Use of Third-Party Websites and Resources

Although Taytsh.org contains links to third-party websites and resources, the Yiddish Book Center does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for their availability, accuracy, or the related content, products, or services (including, without limitation, any viruses or other disabling features), nor do we have any obligation to monitor such third-party content.



The Yiddish Book Center reserves the right to change, update, or otherwise alter Taytsh.org and its Terms & Conditions at any time.  Questions or concerns can be sent through the form on the “Contact Us” page or directly via email: taytsh@bikher.org


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