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  • Mundart Press

    Hi there,

    When I first saw this written as katsibileh, I thought it was a Hebrew word and I couldn't find it that way, but seeing this spelling it looks like and old Bavarian (Unter-Frankisch dialect) German plural which frequently show vowel change from the singular, but I still can't find it and I've checked all the vowels I could think of for the first vowel (that would be the vowel that would change).

    At any rate, I guess I'll have to admit you have me stumped. Can you give the whole sentece and or maybe the sentence previous and the sentence after too?

    Al dos guts,

    7 January 2015, 7:19 am

  • Mundart Press

    I don't believe this is a diminutive now, because that ,,yod" probably shouldn't be there if it was.

    Perhaps it is some kind of adjective.

    19 January 2015, 7:09 am